gut drauf

Winter is acceptable when the snow is falling.

I’m really in a good mood since the snow arrived…..hope it will stay for a while.

Today,before heading to the gym to kick my own ass,we took some pictures in a hurry.

Lately….I’m into the layered,boyfriend-ish look….it’s probably cuz of the falling temperatures .

What do you say to my #OOTD?!

Thumbs UP or DOWN?:D

IMG_7847 IMG_7875 IMG_7868 IMG_7930 IMG_7878 IMG_7884 IMG_7911IMG_7942IMG_7888IMG_7901IMG_8009IMG_7999IMG_8004


Rihanna VIVA GLAM by Mac limited edition beanie

H&M Shirt

Khaki Hooded Jacket:HERE

G-Star Raw Arc 3 D jeans (SS 15 )

Nike by Ricardo Tisci Boots

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!



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