Ana’s Shoe Closet – PART 1


Hi,my name is Ana and I’m a shoe-addict :))

“Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different. You need a pair for every mood – and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods”

I don’t remember exactly how or when my addiction started, but I do know that I’ve been hooked on footwear for at least five years.

I don’t exactly know how many pairs I own…in time….I kinda lost track.

I’m addicted to shoes, but I don’t think it’s a problem … I think it’s my calling. I deserve beautiful shoes. We all do. Besides, giving up shoe shopping would be like giving up a part of myself. I’m good at it. It’s a God-given talent. It would be like Picasso not painting or Beethoven not composing. What a waste that would be haha

Many of my readers asked me to write a post about my shoes.

Well,today  I decided to start this challenge and took pictures of 70 pairs haha.

Next week I’ll be showing you the other ones….pinky promise.

Ready for a tour into my shoe-closet?

IMG_8810 IMG_8774 IMG_8798IMG_8836IMG_8891IMG_8843IMG_8899IMG_8857IMG_8901IMG_8863IMG_8895IMG_8910IMG_8853IMG_8871IMG_8806IMG_8906IMG_8816IMG_8913IMG_8876IMG_8917IMG_8885IMG_8924IMG_8889IMG_8929IMG_8870IMG_8921


What is your addiction?!



7 Comments on “Ana’s Shoe Closet – PART 1”

  1. Oh my Goooood! Îmi vine să îți fur jumătate din colecție. :)))) You’ve got really cool shit right here, chiar câte ceva pentru fiecare mood. ❤

  2. My God you have a hell of a lot of shoes! I am so with you on the shopping addiction though although my “thing” was handbags, real and fake, I just had cupboards and cupboards full of them. I really thought that if I just bought one more handbag my collection would be complete and I would stop shopping but the more I shopped the more I wanted to shop. You don’t say anything about finances or whether your shoe addiction has got you into debt but mine certainly did! I almost lost my house and whole financial security because I bought a Dior bikini and 3 pairs of matching sunglasses instead of paying the mortgage. I was on copious quantities of cocaine and I just thought I had to have that bikini. In rehab for cocaine addiction they taught me the concept of “disposable income” which I had never understood and my shopping addiction improved. But still, if someone upsets me, I might buy another handbag!

    • wow…your story gave me a chill😱 I’m happy that you’re getting your addiction under control.
      Mine isn’t that dangerous…thank god😊 I don’t party, smoke or have any other addictions….shoe shopping is my only weak point🙈🙉🙊

  3. Wow I love your shoes! Your closet must be huge to fit them all in there, I have a lot of shoes, but they’re mostly in boxes as my walk in closet is too small to showcase them all, sadly. But I love all your pairs!!!

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