Ana’s Shoe Closet – PART 2

Hey shoe-holics!

Are you ready for the second tour into my shoe closet?

Well….I finally know how many pairs of shoes I own.

135 pairs….not as many as I thought….though 😦 haha

In the first part of my Shoe-Closet post I showed you 70 pairs.

Are you ready for 65 more pairs?!:D

IMG_9037 IMG_9052 IMG_9058 IMG_9086 IMG_9041 IMG_9118 IMG_9072 IMG_9062 IMG_9127 IMG_9131 IMG_9031 IMG_9076 IMG_9152 IMG_9132 IMG_9137 IMG_9138 IMG_9141 IMG_9146 IMG_9087 IMG_9095 IMG_9101 IMG_9107 IMG_9129 IMG_9108 IMG_9111 IMG_9096

I hope that my shoe family will grow bigger and bigger until my shoe-closet will explode haha

Just kiddin’…I actually think that I will get rid of some of my heels,because I prefer sneakers now.

I’ll let you know as soon as I’ll organize a “SHOP MY SHOE-CLOSET” thingy!


best wishes,


12 Comments on “Ana’s Shoe Closet – PART 2”

  1. De unde sunt balerinii din stanga din poza a 9 a ? πŸ˜€πŸ˜ am avut o pereche identica dar mi-au ramas mici si m-au jenat si a trebuit sa ii las 😒 si vreau sa imi cumpar iar marimea mea, dar nu mai gasesc πŸ˜„

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