March,where’s my promised spring…huh?

I was in a springish mood today and the mofo rain almost ruined everything



Today the weather was a pain in the ass haha

I wanted to shoot this pink oversized-boyfriend look at a special location,but as I walked out of the door it started to rain.

Hope you’ll like the pics anyways…

Can you tell how annoyed I was?!

The only thing that makes me happy is that my boyfriend managed to catch my actual peach hair-shade.



IMG_9784IMG_9789IMG_9850IMG_9880IMG_9881IMG_9860IMG_9874IMG_9920IMG_9886GET THE LOOK:


Jord Wood Watch:HERE

Pull&Bear Boyfriend Jeans (older)

Chiara Ferragni Sneakers:HERE

P.S.Two days ago I was invitated at the Madonna Blogger Award…(remember the magazine in which I got featured?)11229762_500687713446015_8108463017059551840_n

here are some pics from last night:

12805662_1090671874305973_7005123279642665374_n 10392479_547513048763481_3345699156810130615_nIMG_4170

(w/ Lisa from Meineversion:HERE)



There’s a Benefit-Cosmetics GIVE-AWAY on my Instagram Page

You can enter it :HERE

Happy (almost) weekend!



5 Comments on “March,where’s my promised spring…huh?”

  1. Here’s a good upcoming season story: nearly all cancers will be curable within 10 years, many within 5, and everyone lived happily ever after! The end.

    Except it’s not a story, it’s going to happen; as long as enough fools don’t enable Tr**p to grab the Presidency and set off WW3 and wreck everything worth having.

    Fine shoot tho 🙂

  2. Where is the spring? …but it’s you hun! Fantastic spring look under the rain!! The pastel colours, the flowers, the ripped jeans with the turn-ups, everything is perfect: you are a sunray among all those clouds! ❤

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