spring in Japan

Spring seems to finally be here…and with its arrival,I’m on the hunt for blossom trees.

I’m obsessed with them!:D


Today,I visited the Setagaya Park.

The park is designed to symbolise a Japanese landscape and so it contains symbolic features that Western culture associates with a garden from that area: a spring, a waterfall, stones, a pool and densely-cultivated plants and trees typical for Japan.

When spring arrives…the park turns into a magical place and it almost makes you feel like you’re Japan..even though just for a tiny little bit.

If you’re in Vienna right now….this place is worth visiting!:D

IMG_0587 IMG_0719 IMG_0706 IMG_0698 PicsArt_04-03-12.55.33 PicsArt_04-03-06.43.55PicsArt_04-03-06.53.32 PicsArt_04-03-01.24.01 IMG_0744 IMG_0720PicsArt_04-03-06.47.25



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How are you enjoying the beginning of spring so far?



3 Comments on “spring in Japan”

  1. Lovely. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Canada, try to visit Vancouver during this time. The whole city is filled with cherry blossoms, especially in Stanley Park. 🙂

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