magnolia crush

There are no days in the whole round year more delicious than those which often come to us in  April…

Spring-excitement has entered my body, my mind, the yard!
Love vibes everywhere, bees buzz in every color of blossom.
The hummingbirds and geckos are back, renewed life abounds.
Earlier dawns light us awake with artful serenades of pink clouds;
Gorgeous late-afternoon sunshine with air golden’d by warming fervor,
Evening breezes’ perfume is heaven, passion, newborn blooms.
We’ve been waiting all winter for open windows—yay & yippee!



Asos Blazer:HERE

Asos Pants:HERE

Romwe Shirt

Julian Hakes Heels

Miu Miu Sunnies

Zara Clutch

Have a nice day,lil bees!



5 Comments on “magnolia crush”

  1. I loved the color palette here, and the location is stunning!
    Your outfit is so fashionable oh my God! I love you!
    Thank you for sharing where to purchase ❤

    My modeling&graphic art portfolio/blog is if you want to share the love and support the community 🙂 Much love sister!

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