Last week,I got the chance to test the new Sony Xperia X at the Skate Pop-Up Show in Vienna.

Last wednesday,Vienna’s blogger community was invited at the MQ to test  Sony’s new smartphone:THE AMAZING XPERIA X

The launch event was very well organized.

Every blogger received a Sony Xperia X to test it during the Skate Show.

Sony representatives led us through different aspects of the handset and camera features.

I immediately fell in love with its camera. I experimented with a few different features and I have to say that the photo quality is really IMPRESSIVE!

IMG_20160608_180114 IMG_20160609_120341 IMG_20160608_215336

During the event we got spoiled with delish beverages and SOOPER YUMMY burgers.

They really know how to impress a blogger (hihi)

All in all…I really had a lot of fun at the event…I enjoyed the SKATE CONTEST…THUMBS UP to all the skaters for the great performance!

I also got the chance to meet some new sooper cool faces,with some of them I’m already plannin’ some amazing projects for the future (stay tuned) 😀

Some of them even tried to convince me to join SNAPCHAT haha

Guess what?!I DID! (username : fitzo_ana)

I also got to test it first with the Sony Xperia X….too bad you can’t see my SNAPS anymore:(

But HERE are some pics from the event THAT YOU DEFINITELY CAN SEE 😀

branded_bild00002_e5c052316405 branded_bild00132_921516057622branded_bild00053_6d5b4964014cbranded_bild00111_02846f82db86 branded_bild00138_3381d506afbf branded_felipekolm_20160608_0025_web_93f39b8e4744branded_bild00143_8c9e7bfd0bdd branded_bild00130_e012ad6d4a8e branded_bild00134_20114d40d084 branded_bild00184_6b0c5061ce1a branded_bild00230_3aa6432ada08 branded_felipekolm_20160608_0278_web_c5b10b6faea4branded_bild00249_40b0604206f7

(photo credits : Maximilian Röder, Felipe Kolm, Sebastian Somloi,Moritz Nachtschatt)


A big thanks to Wello and Sony for the invitation! ❤

Here’s the official video from the event.



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