another “ALL BLACK” look

Sometimes I wake up and know exactly what I want to wear.I tend to pick my clothes entirely depending on my mood.

Sometimes,(most of the time)…my mood doesn’t go well with the weather …

The last time that such  a thing happened was actually YESTERDAY haha

It was one of those days when one could fry eggs on the sidewalk.

And what did I decide to wear on such a hot day?

Yeah….I think the title says it already….AN ALL BLACK LOOK!:D

I was invited to the TGI FRIDAYS BLOGGER EVENT (you can see some videos on SNAPCHAT :fitzo_ana) in the late afternoon and I thought the heat will be gone by then but I have never been so wrong in my life haha

As I got out of the house I was sure if I walked without my shoes my feet would turn brown. It was like being put into a hot oven and becoming a cooked ginger bread man. I could only think of being inside an ice cube as I ran to the comfort of TGI Friday’s air conditioned area.

I did suffer because of my outfit…but fo’ real NOW?!

It was pretty RAD…don’t you think?!

I felt in love with this jumpsuit and I LITERALLY couldn’t wait to put it on ;DIMG_3631 IMG_3634IMG_3671 IMG_3635 IMG_3643 IMG_3655 IMG_3697 IMG_3718 IMG_3639 IMG_3676 IMG_3717 IMG_3636


Asos Jumpsuit:HERE

Komono Sunnies

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Pepe Jeans Bag

Primark Hat

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who does such stupidities? haha




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