the “pajamas” playsuit

Sooo…the pyjama trend happened…..

The pyjama look which is totally IN nowadays ….IS TOTALLY A EYEBROW-RAISING TREND.

How you wear it is key. I’d say that making the pyjama look work boils down to one thing:A CONFIDENT POSTURE!!!

I didn’t even notice that my new purchased playsuit had this “PYJAMA LOOK” until my order arrived a few days ago.

As I put it on I was having second thoughts if I should send it back or not but then I thought WHAT THE HELL… sometimes you have to step out of your clothes comfort zone and avoid getting into a fashion rut.

Surprisingly…it was so easy to take me through the day, even though I had twice rejected it as a work outfit while getting dressed.

What do you think about it?!


IMG_3787 IMG_3844 IMG_3920IMG_3979 IMG_3886 IMG_4087 IMG_4166




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