visit Romania : Castelul de Lut & Transfagarasan

As you already know…last week I was in Romania for #FeericFashionWeek.(I’ll write a post about it very soon).

The cool thing about FFW was that every show had a different location.One of these locations was Castelul de Lut din Valea Zanelor (which means “The Clay Castle from the Valley of the Fairies” in english)


We all enjoyed the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“. We grew up with it.

Do you remember the Seven Dwarfs’s house?Well…it looks like it has been recreated in Romania!:D

If you wanna feel the beloved fairy tale experience in real life…look no further!

This lodge in Romania will surely satisfy your fantasy needs 🙂

The lodge is still in construction but it will have 10 rooms, each of them with separate entrance, for privacy. The construction is built using only 100% organic products such as clay, wood, sand, stone and hay….

They will also have a beach-like place near the river flowing nearby where you can lay in the sun.

It will even have a restaurant (serving organic local food) which will open in several months and by the end of the year this lodge will be able to welcome its first guests.

Spending some nights there is already on my bucket list!:D

13775807_1190994224273737_3430309014201226718_n 13731456_1191345170905309_8667703057513554132_n PicsArt_07-27-09.36.02


The place where this is built is near Fagaras Mountains, which can be seen in the distance.

So between the shows…we decided to visit one more place that should be on everyone’s bucket list:



The Transfagarasan mountain road is one of the most spectacular roads in the world. It is 90 km long and it runs through the Fagaras mountains, a part of the Transsylvanian Alps.

When planning your trip along the Transfagarasan highway give yourself plenty of time for the crossing. It’s not just vehicles that use the highway, many shepherds use the same route with large flocks.This is a trip to be taken at leisure.

But it’s totally worth it!


slaying with Georgiana and Angi ❤IMG_0213IMG_0216IMG_4635PicsArt_07-27-09.38.24IMG_4649IMG_4645PicsArt_07-27-10.02.38


Zara Blouse

Forever 21 Shorts

H&M Sunnies


By the way…if you’re planning on going on a adventurous road-trip to see Transfagarasan….make sure you pack some thick clothes in your bag.

The temperatures can drop and you can freeze your ass of even in the middle of a hot summer 😀



6 Comments on “visit Romania : Castelul de Lut & Transfagarasan”

  1. Hi Ana! The sandals look extremely cute, but my favorite are the jean shorts, and you wear them very, very well!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. omg….ce picioare frumoase poti sa ai!!! sunt ceva de genu’: “wtf dude?” :))) esti o frumoasa de fata :*

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