sunset is my favorite color

  ” Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there’s a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.”

Sunsets are beautiful.  They are a time for reflection and peace.  They do not signal the end, but rather the promise that a new dawn will be forthcoming.

Every sunset is a source of inspiration…don’t you think?

I actually like sunrises too,but I must admit that I’m a late riser…I can’t wake up in time to watch the sun rising (bo-ho to that)

Sunrises stand for dawning promises, the golden beginnings and the challenge of the day ahead… sunsets stand for the dusky invitations, the twilight whispers and the possibilities of the night ahead…it’s like the Yin&Yang. The light and dark. Together they create a balance.

P.S.This happens when I see a SUNSET 😀

DSC_3494 DSC_3496 DSC_3500DSC_3504

Here are some photos of my outfit,too 😀



White Shirt:HERE

H&M Faux Leather Jacket



Black Palms Jewelry

Primark Hat

A big thanks for the photos to Florentina Olareanu

Find her HERE or HERE



7 Comments on “sunset is my favorite color”

  1. Omg, those legs!!! Esti superba, Ana! Am o intrebare: cate kg au greutatile ce ti le pui la glezne in timpul antrenamentului? eu am inceput cu 0.5, apoi 0.75, apoi 1.25, iar acum sunt la 2 kg (asta in decurs de 2 ani) si nu stiu daca sa cresc sau nu… ma dor putin ligamentele de la genunchi daca fortez… insa totusi as creste putin 🙂 multumesc! te pup :*

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