too cool for this guateque

I started off MQ Vienna Fashion Week with this rad studded jacket and styled my whole outfit around it. Usually I preplan everything so that I don’t  stress out about my outfits although this time was definitely not the case.

I bought this net dress like sooper last minute (1 hour before heading to the Fashion Week)

This outfit matches my soul haha…no,fo’ real now….it matches my personality.

I wore it like a second skin even tho’ the shoes started to kill me after a few hours.

My feet still hurt,but ef that…. to quote a german saying:”who wants to be beautiful must suffer” (wer schön sein will muss leiden)

Hope you’ll like this LADY GAGA outfit 😀

Btw….I’m personally in love with these pics,my photographer and me harmonize very well & the result tells it all 🙂


dsc_5933 dsc_5936 dsc_6006 dsc_5949 dsc_6018 dsc_6007 dsc_5978 dsc_5968 dsc_6020


Leather Jacket : HERE

Black Milk Body Suit (Halloween Edition ’15)


Zara Net Dress

Alexander Wang X H&M Sunnies

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

A very special thanks (AGAIN!) to my photographer Florentina Olareanu.

You can follow her work HERE or HERE

Wish you guys a sooper awesome week & stay tuned for my 2nd Fashion Week Outfit!





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