painted leaves

I remember when I was in primary school and we had to collect beautiful leaves and try to paint them in drawing class.

I remember the cold air & the plenty of possibilities…I couldn’t decide which one was prettier so I used to drive my grandma nuts cuz I didn’t want to go home for hours…

I was searching for the most prettiest leaf for hours and hours untill my grandmpa literally had to drag me home.

My mission impossible of finding the perfect leaf usually ended up with a whole bag of leaves in every possible shade.

I’m sharing this anecdote with you guys because today’s shooting location brought back some sweet memories of my childhood.

Even though so many years have passed…I still couldn’t decide which leaf was the prettiest of them all.

img_5996-2 img_6090-2 img_6327-2 img_6220-2 img_6241-2 img_6153-2 img_6331-2 img_6362-2 img_6305-2 img_6015-2


H&M Cap

Jumpsuit : HERE

Zara Blazer

Buffalo London Pumps

Primark Clutch Bag

How are you enjoying October so far?

Muchos Lovos,




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