Visit Ireland : The Dark Hedges

The navigator was of no use as we drove on the small country lanes in Northern Ireland,looking for the signs for The Dark Hedges.

“It must be there!” was my remark as in the distance I saw the tall tree tops stretching high above anything in the near surroundings. And still, we almost missed the turn to this small lane, visited by many, but still delightfully non-touristy in the way we were left feeling as we had discovered this special place.


I never thought I would be chasing after a piece of road. Very small road in fact, which I initially failed to even pinpoint on the map.

Thanks to a guy who pulled over (I swear to god…the irish people are the most friendliest & helpful people in the world,I will tell you more about that in my next post) and asked us if we are looking for “The Dark Hedges”…otherwise we would have failed.

The first time I saw the dark hedges was on Instagram, not surprisingly, as that’s where I am in the dark hours of the night when insomnia is kicking at my door.While my eyen won’t close, my mind is miles away, already checking out locations in New Zealand, traveling all over Ireland, exploring my now home country of Austria, and where ever else the pictures take me.


Planted in the 1750’s, these ancient beech trees that were there to impress visitors to the Stuart family estate, have since interlocked forming a unique, almost eerie archway. The Dark Hedges are probably at their most ghostly and atmospheric on early mornings or late evenings in misty, foggy conditions.

We got there using the direct coordinates from Google and this road was actually 1 km away from Google’s freaking direct coordinates.

If you wanna visit this place,do not hesitate to ask for directions.

Google won’t bring you anywhere in the middle of NOWHERE haha.









Thank god you can’t see it on our faces how freakin cold it actually was.

I would love to return to this place in the middle of winter,to see how to trees look all covered in snow.

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