my favourite Christmas Market in Vienna

It’s that time of the year again – we’re just a few short weeks away from Christmas and the cheer is overflowing wherever you go

There could be no better place to get into the seasonal spirit than Vienna and its magical Christmas markets.

On sundays,I love to indulge myself in gingerbread,toasted almonds,sweet chesnuts and last but not least…in APPLE PUNCH at one of my favourite Adventmarkets in Vienna.

My favourite christmas market is by far the Adventmarket at the Karlskirche! Not only because it’s situated in front of the breathtaking canvas of the baroque Karlskirche, but also because it has a  very homey atmosphere to it. The market stands are usually not as kitschy and trashy as for example at Vienna´s main christmas market in front of the city hall.

Plus: the food is great, I love the WAFFLES stand!

This is my sunday in pictures :

img_8691 img_8698 img_8727-2 img_8719 img_8729-2img_8759-2img_8761img_8755-2 img_8747-2img_8820img_8795img_8832img_8821img_8849-2img_8862-2


Zara Beanie

Primark Sweater


Zara Leggings

Triangl Backpack

Timberland Boots

Wish you all a wonderful monday evening,




3 Comments on “my favourite Christmas Market in Vienna”

  1. Lovely pictures!!!! I am arriving there on Dec. 27th and I am hoping I will still be able to see at least one Christmas market!!! Crossing my fingers! Thank you for sharing!

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