Cruela De Who?!

Let me start with a confession:

My name is Ana, and I really, really hate winter. (Now you say, “Hi, Ana!”)

I hate the way the frigid cold makes your bones hurt. I hate the freezing wind that leaves your face feeling like it was kissed by sandpaper. I hate the hours it takes to get dressed in all the endless layers just to step outside! Did I mention the SNOW?

Just kidding….I LOVE the snow 😀

There are also a few things I love about winter but those things are already gone (Christmas,NYE,quality time with the family haha)

My brain can’t accept these freezing temperatures and my body has to suffer because of that.

Thank god we own a CAR…otherwise I’d already been dead by now.

Let’s get to my not very winter-proof outfit…it was inspired by one of Disney’s villain : CRUELA De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.


I felt in love with the coat..but unfortunately it isn’t warm at all.

In german there’s a saying: “Wer schön sein will muss leiden” which basically means that beauty knows no pain…it totally fits with my winter outfits at the moment….

There’s another saying that perfectly fits with it too:”Dummheit gehört bestraft” which means “stupidity must be punished” haha….hopefully I won’t catch a cold very soon.

lrm_export_20170118_171301 lrm_export_20170118_164049 lrm_export_20170118_164147 lrm_export_20170118_171403 lrm_export_20170118_170351 lrm_export_20170118_170153 lrm_export_20170118_165949lrm_export_20170118_164240 lrm_export_20170118_170044 lrm_export_20170118_171652


Faux Coat:HERE


G-Star Blouse:HERE

Asos Jeggings

Asos Socks

Nike Air Force 1 Low:HERE

Karl Lagerfeld Bag (mine is sold’s the same in another color) :HERE

Muchos Lovos,


11 Comments on “Cruela De Who?!”

  1. It is not easy to pull of that black and white checkered faux coat. It does look very good on you, anyhow. You make it lose classy.

  2. Omg I love your shoes. And that fur! Here in the Philippines we have a saying “tiis ganda” which pretty much means like that one you mentioned, “Wer schön sein will muss leiden”. Cos who cares if you’re freezing as long as you look gorgeous right? Hehe Lovely outfit! ❤

  3. hei vreau sa-mi comand si eu haina,imi poti spune ce inaltime ai si ce marime ai ales?Nu ma pot decide in privinta marimii pentru ca nu stiu daca corespund..

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