quality time at the St. Martins Therme & Lodge

Last sunday, we finally got the chance to get away from our daily routine and to enjoy some quality time at one of our favorite Hotels & Spa Centers in Austria : St Martins Therme.

I visited the St. Martins Therme plenty of times but this time was the first time when we stay overnight.

I have to say that I was really impressed with every corner of this place.I loved our room,I loved the hotel spa areas (yes,you read right…the don’t have just one area…they have more areas just for the hotel guests) ,I loved the food,the service…all staff were sooper friendly and nice and most of all I loved the feeling of being far away,on a tropical island even though we were still in Austria.
Not so far from Vienna, The St. Martins Therme und Lodge is located in Frauenkirchen, in the heart of Neusiedler See (Burgenland).

We checked in pretty late (at 4 p.m.) because we decided to do a quick HIIT sesh in Vienna before starting our 2 days wellness trip.

In those 2 days we didn’t care about the kcals…we just enjoyed the fantastic food of St. Martins Therme.

After checking in and getting our stuff in our ah-mazing room we experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Well,pics speak for themselves :


Afterwards we spent some time at one of their Spa areas,we had dinner pretty late and then we went to bed,cuz we wanted to wake up at 7 a.m. to enjoy every second of DAY 2.

On DAY 2 we had a breakfast with a beautiful view.

We kinda ate for 4 persons,because everything was so delicious and fresh :))

After that,we got to see one of their Suites,which was more than breath-taking.

You can definitely spend your Honeymoon there and feel like a VIP (just sayin’ haha).

We felt in love with the bath because there was a bath-tub for 2 persons with a view over the lake (you can’t really see it in my pics,because of the sun)and a huge shower.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the Therme.

We really enjoyed every single minute of our short trip.

If you are visiting Austria and you need a wellness day…don’t hesitate to visit the St Martins Therme!!!

Visit their site to find our more and book your next wellness trip : HERE

Feel free to follow them on Instagram and on Facebook for daily pics.

By the way…if you really want to experience something new and exciting…the St Martins rangers also organise seasonal exclusive Safaris to discover the Seewinkel, home of unique fauna and flora.

Have you guys ever been to the St. Martins Therme& Lodge?

A special thanks to Lisa and the St Martins. Crew for treating us that well.

Can’t wait to be back ❤

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