my favorite cherry blossom street in Vienna

Welcome to SCHLACHTHAUSGAASE – the most famous cherry blossom street in Vienna. From my Instagram feed, you can easily notice my love for blossoms and this time of the year. Everything is so much nicer with a touch of pink…don’t you think?

If you are in Vienna at the moment, and love places like this, you really SHOULD go to visit this street Just take the U3 and take off at the stop called Schlachthausgasse….take the exit to Schlachthausgasse, go up the stairs and you will have the pink blossoms in front of your eyes.


The architecture around is totally simple, residential area, but these trees, they change everything! They make you feel as if you were for example somewhere in Japan.

This is one example that shows, that if we make a little bit of effort, to plant a tree , we can make a big difference in our surroundings. Sometimes we can’t change how our building or house looks like, but we can plant something as gorgeous as a blossoming tree to add a touch of beauty.


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