Aqua Dome (PART 1)

©Aqua Dome

AQUA DOME – hands down : THE BEST PLACE I’ve ever been to

Last week,we were lucky enough to spend 3 days at Aqua Dome in Tirol.

After a 6 hours drive we arrived at this heavenly place of well-being.

I’ve never been to Tirol and as we arrived at this magical place I was overwhelmed by the breath-taking environment of the Ötztal mountains.

Before checking in,we borrowed a bike to explore the beauty of the surrounding landscape (I’ll tell you more about it in my second post)

I’ll just leave this picture for you guys which speaks for itself 😀

After checking in,we were sooper excited to get to see our room and as we entered it …the view left us SPEECHLESS.

Hereby,I would like to thank AQUA DOME for spoiling us with this room:

© Aqua Dome

©Aqua Dome

After spending a few minutes in the most amazing room ever,we put our bathrobes on and went to explore the whole spa area.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the AQUA DOME is the Spa 3000

SPA 3000 is exclusively reserved for hotel guests ONLY . You can enjoy a wonderful sauna session and relax on three levels…or you can just enjoy the unbelievable view with a cocktail at the bar.

There are a choice of relaxation areas including a textile-free (no bathing suits allowed – just robes and towels) and a textile area (where clothing is permitted).  We spent time in both areas.

I even fell asleep in this relaxation area:

©Aqua Dome

The whole spa area is out of this world…you could easily spend several days without leaving it – it’s HUGE! There are thermal pools,levitating pools, an activity pool for swimming lengths, an indoor pool and even a children’s area, separate from the adult area.

My favourite pool was the suspended bowl pool outside with added salt where I could watch the mountains for hours without thinking of anything else. I enjoyed some ZEN moments in that pool…even a few hours when the nature decided to surprise us with some snow.

©Aqua Dome



  • Aqua Dome is in the beautiful Ötztal valley in the Austrian Tirol, close to the Italian border.Besides being a popular ski area the valley is famous for the discovery of the body of a Neolithic man preserved in ice and subsequently known as Ötzi.
  • The Aqua Dome hotel has 200 rooms including six family suites.
  • There’s a tunnel linking the hotel to the pool and spa area so that you can head straight from your room for a dip in the water without even going outside.
  • Besides the main Aqua Dome pools and spa area…there’s also a spa just for hotel guests.
  • Aqua Dome uses the naturally hot mineral water which runs deep under Längenfeld,in the Ötztal valley. The mineral water is rich in sulphur and when it comes out of the ground its temperature is 40ºC – it has to be cooled down before it can be used in the pools.
  • Staying at Aqua Dome isn’t cheap,but it offers exceptional experiences. The rates include use of the spa and sauna areas, plus include a buffet breakfast and a five course dinner each night of your stay.  Exercise classes and guided hiking excursions are also included in the rate. There are extra touches to make your stay more comfortable  such as fresh fruit in  your room upon arrival, free parking and Wi-fi and free access to the non-alcoholic mini bar in your room which is replenished each day!
  • They have an ALL YEAR OFFERS BOOKING service : HERE

Get ready to see some breath-taking views 😀

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Many,many thanks Aqua Dome for spoiling us.

We had an amazing time and we’ll never forget this wonderful experience

Book an out of this world wellness trip at Aqua Dome now :HERE and stay tuned for PART 2.




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  1. What an amazing view from your room and from the spa itself! This must be so expensive, it might be out of my league. But I want to bring my wife for a restful vacation there if ever there is a chance.

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