Instagram – connecting people

There’s no doubt that as far as social media platforms go, Instagram is one powerful community.Sure, we follow some of our favorite brands and celebrities, but the true power of Instagram is discovering “ordinary” people using the platform to showcase their extraordinary gifts.



As you guys already probably know, I’m nuts about Instagram. It’s my favorite social network by far, and it’s opened so many doors for me over the past year. It has taught me to be creative and has inspired me to improve my photography.

At the risk of sounding super cheesy, Instagram (along with blogging) has changed my life, and it has DEFINITELY changed how I see the world.

The changes for me don’t compete with such social media fairy tales. But instagram, particularly in the last 12 months, has opened up some brilliant opportunities for me.Through Instagram I have met so many amazing people,I’ve been able to travel to places I could have never imagined and I’ve been able to collaborate with some brands that I love .

When I first downloaded this app back in 2012, such things would have seemed impossible to me. What came before that and what continues today are five years plus of building a social media account and unexpectedly, making real friendships with some amazing people along the way. Some of those people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person…and then there’re those who I’m yet to meet in person, but know that if I found myself in their part of the world or vice versa – for sure there’d be coffee dates to be had.

  • What impact has Instagram had on your life? Have you formed any friendships? I’d love to hear your Instagram related stories  and experiences in the comments below.

In the meantime you can enjoy the pics that we took last sunday,walking through Vienna’s 1st district.

I met a new photographer (via INSTAGRAM..what a surprise..huh?:D).

Her name is Anna (with 2 N’s haha),she’s an ukrainian photographer based in Linz.

I really had a pleasent time shooting these photos with her.

Hope you’ll like them as much as I do 😀


You can also find her on Facebook and (of course) on Instagram



H&M Hat

H&M Sunnies

H&M Bag

Zara Sneakers

Jord Wood Watch



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