the perfect summer dress

Summer officialy began yesterday  (June 20) and to welcome it I wanted to post the Perfect Summer Dress! I honestly live in dresses. I love them and I have blogged about this obsession before.. I just love their comfort and feminine aspect to them. So no matter if its long, short or midi, I adore them all!

I thought long before choosing this dress as my Summer intro. I wanted something fun but not your typical bright coloured dress, I didn’t want anything too short or a maxi dress. I wanted something different, so when I came across this one I absolutely fell in love with it!

It is by far my best investment of the season because I know I will be wearing this ALL summer long.  I paired it with my new white hat and my favorite sandals of this season. Simple but beautiful, great for summer season…

I recently noticed that everytime when a new season starts,I set up a new ESPRIT “SHOPPING LIST” for you guys. (HERE ‘ s the last one)

Why change that now ? hihi

I love Esprit because they have sooper affordable clothes and they have a wide range of clothes to suit everyone’s taste.






How do you like my girly summer look?

Photo credits : Golden Hour Pictures

Edit: Me






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