Falkensteiner blogger sports trip (PART 1)

Hey lovelies,

I know you’ve been waiting for this article for a while now…I received a ton of feedback in my Insta Stories and now the time has arrived to tell you everything about my Falkensteiner’s blogger sports programme in Bad Waltersdorf

The invitation came quite spontaneously,but I was sooper excited to be part of this programme.(big,big thanks to Falkensteiner Hotel for the invitation and to Denise for taking care of everything ❤ )

For those of you who didn’t know —> Falkensteiner is a hotel group with 28 hotels and 4 residences.

We (Florentina from Golden Hour Photography accompanied me) arrived at Falkensteiner Hotel Bad Waltersdorf on monday and after checking in , we met up with the rest of the blogger team (Toby and Joel from Fit Nap,Markus from The Steira and Niklas who blogs on Instagram ) and received the schedule for the next 2 days.

At first, we were quite intimidated by the rest of the team because we were the only girls (but that didn’t last long tho haha)

After having dinner and getting to know the rest of the group,we were actually pretty excited to finally start with the schedule.

Tuesday morning,after breakfast,we started with the first activity on our schedule:


An instructor from Falkensteiner Aktiv Resort Nassfeld came to teach us everything about archery.We learned the DO’s and DON’TS and afterwards we got to shoot at different targets – from different points and distance.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped us figure out whether to shoot right or left handed, how to line up the target, etc

I was quite suprised because after failing a few times I started hitting the target in no time and even got some arrows in the pig’s eye.

You can call me Katniss Everdeen (just sayin’ haha)

You’ve got to try this..it’s safe, instructive and challenging.

I will definitely do it again.


After lunch,we had a sooper intense BOOT CAMP sesh with a trainer from Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden

She prepared a few different stations for a high intensity intervall circuit training.

The twist was that there wasn’t a break between the stations,we had to sprint a few seconds before going to the next station.

After completing the circuits,we had a short break and it went on for 3 rounds.

I have to admit that it was pretty intense,even for me (we do this kind of stuff almost every week haha) and the heat almost killed us all.

We cooled off with a swim in the pool and a few delish cocktails (ooooops :D)

After a few hours at the pool,we had dinner together and we were quite excited for the next day!

YOGA,GOLF and SMOVEY were on our schedule.

Stay tuned for PART II !!! (will be up this week)




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