my trip to Hong Kong + Macau with Prima Reisen (PART 1)

Hi guys,

It’s been a long time since my last blog-post..that’s because I’ve been traveling a lot lately and only had time to post about my adventures on Instagram.

I’m finally back home and now I can tell you everything about my exciting trip to China with Prima Reisen.

A few months ago,Prima Reisen asked me if I wanna go on a blogger-trip with them to visit *drum roll*  Macau  (and Hong Kong)

You can guess my answer,tho:D

quote : “HELL TO THE YEAH”

In a blink of an eye I was on a plane to Hong Kong…ready for an exciting adventure.

After an 11 hours flight , I met my travel buddy: FRED at the airport.We took our shuttle to Penta Hotel and as we got out of the airport,the humidity hit us bad haha.

At the Check IN,we got a call from ATI Travel (the agency that worked with Prima Reisen to plan our schedule)…they wanted to take us to lunch.

After freshening up,we went for lunch with them and it was my first time to eat DIM SUM.


Dim sum is a Chinese meal of small plates best enjoyed with tea.

A typical dim sum meal includes several kinds of steamed buns , deep fried dumplings , rice noodle rolls and desserts . Food is usually served three- or four-servings to a portion and arrives in bamboo steamers or on small plates.

The food was really delish.

We discussed our schedule for the next 4 days and we had so much fun that we decided to go for a cocktail at the Wooloomooloo Prime.

I’m not going to lie…we ended up drinking more than one cocktail haha

The VIEW at the Wooloomooloo is EVERTYHING.

Well,pictures speak louder than words:


photo : Travel Fred

We experienced the LASER SHOW from up there,the view was absolutely jaw dropping.


On the second day,Michael (our guide) picked us up and took us on an island tour.He took us to the Repulse Bay,we went on a boat tour and at the end he dropped us at Viktoria Peak.


When you talk about Hong Kong you usually associate Skyscrapers and crowded streets with this metropolitan city.Hardly anybody would immediately associate HK with beaches.Howerver,due to its geographic location,Hong Kong is blessed with countless beaches.

Currently ,Hong Kong has about 40 public accessible beaches .

Located on southern HK Island,Repulse Bay is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Hong Kong.

Repulse Bay is actually one of HK’s most popular beaches because it can be easily accessed by public transportation.


BOAT TRIP-the traditional contrasting with the modern!

At the fishing village we got on a sampan boat that was manned by a tiny old woman who took us around the harbor for about 15 minutes.

The Aberdeen habor is a hub of fishing boats, trawlers, ferries and floating restaurants, the biggest of which is aptly called “Jumbo”. The seafood market is adjacent to the pier.


At the end of our tour,Michael dropped us to the top of the Victoria Peak and  we decided to explore the surrounding by ourselves.

The peak  has the best view of Hong Kong Island. It also has the most expensive property market prices in the world and some very wealthy people have their homes in this area.


After exploring the PEAK and the malls around the peak we decided to go on the so called “PEAK CIRCLE WALK”

I highly recommend the Peak Circle Walk. This trail gives some great views, as well as a chance to see the wild nature of Hong Kong. The trail is nicely paved and is roughly 3.5km. There’s little to no elevation on this trail. With all the skyscrapers, sometimes you forget that Hong Kong is pretty much a mountainous jungle with unique plants and flowers. The path circles the peak and gives some spectacular views of the city and harbor.


photo : Travel Fred

We took the peak tram back to the bottom of the peak and from there we boarded a double decker bus to Kowloon.

At night we went to The Ladies Market to shop for some gifts and to grab some food.

Credits : Japan explorers

The Ladies Market is like a bazaar…a street market full with cool stuff (that you don’t really need but have to buy haha)

If you see something you want, start at half the asking price or below. Often times they will haggle just 10HKD more, which is worth it.

After walking for about an hour or so…we decided to call it a night,we were both exhausted and still have to prepare for our trip to MACAU.

I will tell you everything about DAY 3+4 in my next post.

All in all,my short stay in Hong Kong was ah-mazing and sooper organized.

Thanks Prima Reisen for taking care of us.

BTW guys,stay tuned for the next post cuz Prima Reisen is willing to offer you guys a similar experience.

I’m going to tell you more about it in my next post.

In the meantime,you can book your next adventure : HERE


quick sneak peek of the next post:



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