life as a newbie single

As you guys already know /or don’t know.. Kevin and I broke up… Bohoho.. …get over it already!

I know we’ve been together for 10 years and the last 6 years I showed you pieces of our daily lives but this chapter is forever closed now and life goes on. I don t want to get into it anymore. It s already been/ said/done all.

So, now that we’ve cleared things up I want to tell you about how I feel as a newbie in this blackhole aka dating world haha

At first,it was quite exciting for me to dive into this crazy world cuz I kinda never had that before.But after a few weeks I was already bored to death. I don’t want to swipe to the right to get a boring “Hi. How are you gorgeous?Wanna go on a date with me?”, I don’t wanna do small talk with you about unimportant shit. I don’t want you to impress me with your car and stories. I don’t wanna get uncomfortable when old friends start asking me on dates. I’m a honest person and sarcasm is my second native language.. . I don’t want to apologize cuz you don’t get my weird jokes. So,what do I want?

I want great vibes, I want to have a natural, effortless conversation. I want to dance all night and be able to dance in an embarrassing way with you while making funny faces without caring what happens around us. I want chemistry,I want you to take my hand and rotate me until I’m dizzy and then unexpectedly pull me closer and kiss me. That s what I want.

Do I want a relationship…right now? #helltotheno!

I just want to enjoy being on my own for a while…I want an easy road with no complications,no drama….but I do want someone who I can be weird with from time to time, someone who doesn’t stress about me not answering to his messages right away,someone with whom I can have deep conversations but also ridiculous ones. Someone who brings a smile on my face on a regularly…. I don’t need any strings right now.. but I’d love to have those little things.So,this is me showing my true colors…can that someone handle this or will it be just bad timing?Well,I don’t know yet….we’ll see 🙂

This is me having the cojones to write a vulnerable post.. Wow! Haha

Chrisoverthetop was my inspiration for this post 🙂 #girlpower


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