timing and promises….

Imagine 2 people meet each other randomly,have a good time together and end up liking each other but the timing is just bad.
Is there such thing as perfect timing?Can we blame everything on it?
Do you think that everything happens for a reason?

I ve spent thoughts on this topic for a while now and came to the conclusion that life is full of surprises and things that aren t meant to happen shouldn t be forced to happen.
I mean, you shouldn t give up too easy if you want something to happen.. but if you notice that that sweet something is starting to get toxic to you… in a way, not even on purpose,then you should just get over it and go on with your life.
People make decisions, sometimes impulsive decisions… but at the end of the day it s those decisions that will bring you in a happy place.
Don t give up your own good for “tomorrow’s or soon’s” cuz they are just not good enough.

Go for “I ll make it happen NOW” or “I m at your door, open up!”

Go for actions, not promises and try not to make promises as well, cuz promises are reckless. If you don t keep them, you might disappoint or even hurt people who matter to you.Circumstances and priorities may screw over your promises and turn your plans into ashes.

Those 2 people may turn into strangers, or they may meet again when the timing is better.Probably not… but who knows?! Never say never! But they surely will continue their lives with some sweet memories locked in their heads.Eventually,those memories will fade in time… but for a few days/weeks/months they made each other happy in a way or another… that s all that matters.
Happiness doesn t last for an eternity, so you should enjoy every single second of it.

With this being said,




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