Hi,my name is Ana and I lost a bet and now I have to write 25 random things about me haha

So let’s get this ish done :)))

I m an intense person, pretty impulsive but I also forget and forgive quite easily.

I never hold grudges. I m a giver… that’s not always a quality cuz some people just profit from that.

I m a very social person , I attract people with my humor and my open mind. Sometimes, not the best people but life keeps teaching me which people belong in my life and which people are just travelers.

I don t catch feelings easily… but when I do, I have a tunnel vision.. I only see that person, and nobody else.

I am very loyal person.

I have quite a temper and I m stubborn af(it’s in my blood haha)… when something doesn t fit my expectations, I just cut it off.

I love to learn new stuff… I try to walk through this world with my eyes wide open.

I show my emotions in a weird way, but people who are close to me know that and accept it.

Material things don t impress me, great minds do. They fascinate me and attract me like hell.

I am a good listener but I m bad at opening up.

I love to be on my own but I also love to be in great company.

I’m a perfectionist.

I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I’m a sweetheart most of the times. I m moody when I’m hungry and I could say the meanest things in that hangriness state.

Most guys tell me that they can t read me… I m not readable…and they can t handle that.

I’m way too straightforward,even for my own good haha

When I like someone,I just tell that person.I’m not afraid of rejection,I’m afraid of regret.

I would do everything for my family and my best friends.

A stranger can turn into a sooper good friend within a week. I have friends all over the world and I’m sooper greatful to have met those wonderful people along the way.

I try to stay positive every day, even on my worst days I have a smile on my face.

I am bad at asking for help… I try to deal with my problems on my own and people get offended because of that (MOSTLY MY FAMILY) haha

I get weird when I get compliments but I love to give compliments myself … like all of the time.. I love to put a smile on people s faces.

I’m bad at texting back (but I’m getting better at it)

I give second chances and 3rd chances but when I m done, I m done… Then, It s goodbye.FOREVER :))

If I could choose a sooper power I d choose to read people s minds…. That d be mean but I d love that haha

I’m good at over-analyzing shit haha

I’m Ana and I’m good at losing bets haha






P.S.I hope this post won t get any views hahahahahah

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