my kind of romance

People keep asking me if I miss being in a relationship. I actually don’t. I don’t miss anything about my last relationship.Did I meet someone special after my breakup? Maybe!

I’m still happily single and I don’t plan to change that.I’m focusing on my career and my life at the moment. These are my main priorities and there’s just too little time for a romance. Of course that at some point in my life I will want that kind of romance again but that’s a thing you just can’t plan. I only know that I won’t settle for anything less than butterflies.
I wouldn’t trade my solitude for a little love. For a lot of love, yes. But a lot of love is itself a kind of solitude.
I’m not the romantic type of girl,I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. I wish to have someone in my life with a steady hand and a kind soul. I want to fall asleep and wake up next to someone that I feel comfortable with.
My kind of romance will start with all cards on the table, with absolutely no games involved and with 100% honesty.I appreciate honesty more than anything.
My kind of romance will be all about kissing and tasting colors. My kind of romance will be all about long phone calls when I’m abroad…just to catch up with all them daily unimportant deets.My kind of romance will be all about laughing about stupid jokes and cheesy situations.My kind of romance will be all about 2 people who can’t get enough of each other.My kind of romance will be about deep conversations without being afraid of saying the well hidden lonely words in between the folds of the heart.

Until I’ll meet that one person with whom I can share my honest thoughts and my darkest secrets with …I’ll just continue being happily on my own and I won’t waste my time on a temporary hot’n’cold fling.

Muchos lovos,

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