I miss talking to you…

“I miss talking to you

I’d miss talking to me too” :))

But seriously now,why would you let it come to the point to miss talking to someone?

I mean…I get it, everyone is super busy with their daily crap but before going to sleep, everyone has like 5 minutes time to text or call someone they care about and not want to miss.

If you enjoy talking to a person,why would you stop talking to that person to start with ?If something happened,clear things up!Don’t let it slide and have regrets afterwards.

I understand that one’s ego and fears are a huge obstacle,but……do you know what’s worse? Always wondering how they’re doing and regretting to never have reached out to them. Just say hi,stop lurking,stop acting tough and like you don t care, cuz obviously you do care!

When you let your ego control your thoughts everything you believe in becomes an illusion. So,text that person,call that person,don’t be a stranger…overcome your ego and say hi!

I have a busy schedule myself but I always try to hit up the people who are important in my life. I’d hate myself to start missing them just for being busy or stubborn or whatever other efing reason there is to neglect them.

And if someone I enjoyed talking to did something that bothered me aka did me wrong,I always try to clear things up before completely giving up on them,cuz I’d hate regretting not trying to set things straight.If that person can’t see any wrongs in their actions,well…then I’m surely gonna distance myself from that person…..but,otherwise, I would never stop showing interest into talking to a person who means something to me.

With this being said : someone can mean the world to you but if you don’t show it you might lose that person. So take your phone and call HIM/HER!!I’m sure that person is gonna be hella happy to hear from you….except if you acted like a completely asshole the last time you guys spoke….well,then you have some serious apologies to do!hahahha

I am not a saint either,I can be an asshole too!In this case…I try to swallow down my pride and apologize for my shitty behaviour.Trust me,I know apologizing is hard as ef,sometimes I’d rather die than apologize….but being a stubborn asshole won’t bring anyone in a happy place.So it’s either being a stubborn piece of cake and losing an important person because of that or taking responsibily for your actions and gaining respect from that important person whom you did wrong.



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