a letter to you

I hope you’re gonna find someone who is going to make you happy and I hope you’re gonna let that someone break your walls.

I hope you’re gonna start something fresh without any emotional ponzi schemes involved.

I hope you’re gonna choose happiness over ego.

I hope you’re gonna realize that feelings are actually human and you shouldn’t be ashamed of showing them.

I hope you’re gonna win the battle against your demons.

I hope you’re gonna realize that the window for bold gestures is never closed.

I hope you know that you’ re quite unique.

I hope your memories are not gonna haunt you.

I hope our paths are gonna cross again and that maybe then we’re gonna be able to laugh about our stupid stubbornness.

I hope you know that you were like a fresh breath of mountain air to me after being stuck in the city for a long period of time, you were like sunshine after months of rainy days… (thank you for that)

I hope someday I’m gonna be courageous enough to tell you how you made me feel , even though it doesn’t matter anymore.I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that at the right time…it took me by surprise and scared me.It made me furious,cuz that wasn’t supposed to happen.I felt like a criminal for having felt. I wasn’t ready.. and I think you weren’t either.That’s why I had to distance myself.

I hope I made you feel something, because you made me feel everything.

I didn’t write you a poem, but I hope you know that this letter is for you… and only you.

These are my final words, I needed a kind of closure…I hope you’ll understand that.



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