visit Romania : Castelul de Lut & Transfagarasan

As you already know…last week I was in Romania for #FeericFashionWeek.(I’ll write a post about it very soon).

The cool thing about FFW was that every show had a different location.One of these locations was Castelul de Lut din Valea Zanelor (which means “The Clay Castle from the Valley of the Fairies” in english)

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I turned 26 last week, so naturally, I have been casually musing about how I feel about the age. There’s nothing acute, painful, or anxious about this age.But upon closer, lazy inspection, 26 is surprisingly important, and full of moments that possibly mark a more substantial transition than any other year of your 20s.
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the “pajamas” playsuit

Sooo…the pyjama trend happened…..

The pyjama look which is totally IN nowadays ….IS TOTALLY A EYEBROW-RAISING TREND.

How you wear it is key. I’d say that making the pyjama look work boils down to one thing:A CONFIDENT POSTURE!!!
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another “ALL BLACK” look

Sometimes I wake up and know exactly what I want to wear.I tend to pick my clothes entirely depending on my mood.

Sometimes,(most of the time)…my mood doesn’t go well with the weather …

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Last week,I got the chance to test the new Sony Xperia X at the Skate Pop-Up Show in Vienna.
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Instagram it!

Last week I finally hit my first milestone and reached 38 k followers on Instagram.

To some, it might not look like a huge achievement, but I believe in following your business stats in order to grow further. For this reason, I decided to share some of the tips + tricks I used on my journey to 38 k.
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vacation in Austria : Minimundus & Wörthersee

Austria, the land of Mozart and waltz, is a medley of sparkling alpine lakes, majestic mountains, and elegant cities, with a rich cultural heritage and one of the highest living standards in the world. And while the capital steals the show with its imperial grandeur, world-class art, and alluring café culture, there’s much more to this small landlocked country than Vienna.

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beach therapy

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”
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road trip to Trieste

“once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”

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piece of heaven

Hey dearies,I’m sorry for my absence but I had a lot going on lately.

However,I’m back on track with new projects,new collabs and a new #traveljournal entry.
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