blossom hunter

Hey dearies,

These days I’ve been playin’ the blossom hunter in Vienna and I was more than  happy to see that my favorite avenue HAS finally BLOSSOMED.
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another spring day…

Just a few days ago it seemed like spring would finally arrive. But it’s already gone now after just 2 two days. I’m getting crazy here in Austria.
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magnolia crush

There are no days in the whole round year more delicious than those which often come to us in  April…

Spring-excitement has entered my body, my mind, the yard!
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spring in Japan

Spring seems to finally be here…and with its arrival,I’m on the hunt for blossom trees.

I’m obsessed with them!:D

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the ’70s are back in fashion

Even if you don’t rely on current fashion trends to get dressed in the morning, it’s impossible to ignore what is going to become more popular in the coming months. Personally, I’m super excited for the style trends this spring and summer, which have a heavy ’70’s influence.
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catch your dreams before they slip away

“lose your dreams and you’ll lose your mind”
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March,where’s my promised spring…huh?

I was in a springish mood today and the mofo rain almost ruined everything
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breakfast HOTSPOT:Café Oper Wien

There is nothing more fancy to begin a day in Vienna than with a traditional breakfast in a coffee-house like Café Oper Wien.
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fresh’n clean

At times it feels like spring is just around the corner…doesn’t it?I just hope it doesn’t take too long.

I am ready to say GOOD-BYE to WINTER….farewell my not so good-friend!
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date with Fendi & Karl Lagerfeld

Turn your magic on, to me she’d say
Everything you want’s a dream away
We are legends, EVERY DAY

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