4th of July

Hi,there! I know that it’s not the 4th of July yet…but on that day I’ll be in Barcelona,so I won’t have the time to post anything that’s why I’m doing this post a few days sooner. As you may have noticed…I’m totally an USA freak! I just love America!

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lovely sally

Hi,gurrrls! Do you also have butterflies in your stomach because of the spring? I am so happy that the rainy days are gone and I finally got the chance to wear these awesome leggings from Lovelysally.

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when the cat is away…the mice will play

Hi guuuys! Today I’m kind of ludically and you can see that in my outfit!:D outfit of the day: Lady Gaga Sunnies,New Yorker Croptop/Lovely Sally Skirt,Jeffrey Campbell Litas How do you like my outfit?:D HAVE A NICE WEEKEND,Y’ALL! Unfortunately,I have to study for the next few days…so,my weekend won’t be so brilliant:( P.S.You can also […]

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