carb cycling diet (DAY 1)

Hey,dears! If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you might know that I’ve tried the carb cycling diet for 2 weeks. I actually wanted to shred down a bit (not to lose weight) & after these 2 weeks I ended up┬álosing 3 kg & my booty and legs got smaller…so I’m done with it. […]

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my favorite breakfast : ham & glutes :D

Hey,dearies! I’m back on track with some new exercises for your legs & butt. These exercises will definitely make your booty look peach-licious

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Hi gals!!! I promised you to write a post about my workout There are 5 splits…and therefore it will be 5 post The first post,today…is about my CHEST-DAY mixed with a few ABS EXERCISES.

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