para-para-paradise <3

Hey guuys! I’ve promised to make a post about the places I’ve been to. Well,I’ll make a post about each place where I’ve been to!:D I’ll start with Thailand!<3 ( I was blonde back then…:)))) ) We’ve been in Thailand in our Christmas holidays 2009-2010. After a 12 hrs flight we finally arrived in Phuket!

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every girl needs a wellness weekend…

Hola,chicas y chicooos! 2 months ago,I’ve been to this beautiful wellness&spa center,called Wabi. It’s like a relaxing resort,in Hungary. After some yucky winter months…me & my girls have decided to  break away from the treadmill of everyday life.We just felt the need to escape for a few days…away from our problems,stress and the city. I did some research about […]

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