every girl needs a wellness weekend…

Hola,chicas y chicooos! 2 months ago,I’ve been to this beautiful wellness&spa center,called Wabi. It’s like a relaxing resort,in Hungary. After some yucky winter months…me & my girls have decided to  break away from the treadmill of everyday life.We just felt the need to escape for a few days…away from our problems,stress and the city. I did some research about […]

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Black Milk Sharkie

Hi,readers! I’m so happy to see that my nr of readers is growing so fast! This is my 3rd post and I wanted to give you a few sneak peeks of my crazy addiction… I am totally in love with the australian brand “Black Milk”-(give me nylon or give me death) They design incredible nylon […]

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Vienna Fashion Week ’12

This is my first official post and I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic. After 2 days of thinking and re-thinking..I chose an important event :VIENNA FASHION WEEK Vienna’s annual Fashion Week has grown tremendously. In its third year running, the event has been extended from three to five days and  this year, 50 […]

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