Travel Journal :SPAIN ’12

Hi,readers! I haven’t done any “travel journal” post lately and the wanderlust has got me…that’s why I decided to make this post,today…so that I can swim through my wonderful memories of last year’s experiences in Spain.

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highschool memories/venice

Hi ,readers! This is my 4th travel-journal post and it won’t be a large one.(You’ll see why..later :D) 5 years ago, I went with my highschool-class to Italy. We spent a week in Grado…at the beach..and then we had a sightseeing day in Venice.

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Paris,the city of love…

Hi readers! This is my 3rd travel-journal entry and it’s all about the magic city of luvluvluvluv…:D When it comes to romance, no city in the world can compare to Paris. It’s called the City of Love for two  reasons. One is because French is known as the Language of Love. The other is because […]

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