winter walk

Hi,guys! Yesterday we had a little free-time and we  went for a walk through the Gardens of Schönbrunn. I just realized that I wrote a lot of travel-journals but I never wrote anything about the city I’m living in. Sometimes I really forget how beautiful & special Vienna is….especially in winter

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faux fur diva

Fur has been seen in fashion over and over again…we know it’s gorgeous, but it brings on a feeling of guiltiness when you think about owning something FUR made because you know where it comes from. All this has changed with the recent popularity that has been created by FAUX FUR

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little MIX style

Hi,lovelies! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was kind of short (I bet yours too :D) but I managed to do the best of it…. Yesterday we were out for a long time  and even if it the winter is playing its tricks already……I wanted to wear my new baroque-style  skirt. […]

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