my trip to MACAU with Prima Reisen (PART 2)

Macau is best known globally as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. This place was not really like China, nor did it feel like Hong Kong. Macau was just uniquely, Macau!



We got to Macau by ferry.The journey from Hong Kong to Macau  took around 1 hour.

We arrived in the late afternoon,so we were eager to see some of the sights before the sun set down.

Macau was previously a Portuguese colony and many of the buildings were deeply influenced by the Portuguese style.

One of those buildings are the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

Our trip started with a walk to Ruins of St. Paul’s, which was a 10-minute walk from our hotel.

The Ruins of St. Paul is Macau’s most famous landmark. Built in 1602-1640, the church was part of St. Paul’s college, and was the first western-styled university in the Far East. St Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835 and only the front wall, facade and granite stairs of the church remains.

On the first day we didn’t manage to see a lot more,because it started raining.

So we tried to do best out of it and walked around until we had to give up cuz we got soaked.


Basically Macau can be divided into two parts, the Macau Peninsular and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. The islands and the Peninsular are connected by two main bridges in Macau.To give a little context, Taipa and Coloane are islands south of the Macau Peninsula which is where you find the old historic city and its sights.


Featuring 540,000 square feet of gaming space with more than 500 gaming tables and over 2,000 slot machines and electronic gaming machines, the Venetian Macau is known to be the largest casino in the world.

Our first priority was the Grand Canal Shoppes so we did not spend much time in the casino. Twice the size of Las Vegas Canal Shoppes, the Grand Canal Shoppes in Venetian Macau is the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau with more than 350 retail stores.

Upon stepping into that area, it is impossible not to notice the bright blue sky. The ceilings are decorated to represent a clouded blue sky and it looks so amazingly realistic that you could not believe that the sky was actually unreal. Under the control of a computer, the artificial blue sky can produce sunrise and sunset. It is said that the purpose of the artifical blue sky is to ‘trick’ visitors that the time is still early, hoping that they will stay longer to shop.

Designed to resemble the canals in Venice, visitors can take gondolas ride through the Venice-style streets.

To be honest,the shopping areas were quite empty.

While the shopping areas are empty, the casinos are constantly crowded with people. People visit Macau just to gamble,for sure.

I did not managed to take any photos in the casinos because I am not allowed to. Photography is strictly prohibited in all Macau casinos.

After wandering around for hours,we decided to contact some Instagrammers from Macau,because we wanted to take some Rooftop shots.

Boris,was sooper nice and took us to some amazing spots (find him HERE)

I’m sooper grateful for meeting him,cuz we managed to take some jaw-dropping shots just because of him.

E N J O Y    T H E    P I C S  !!!

BIG THANKS to Prima Reisen for taking me on this ah-mazing blogger trip.

I enjoyed every minute of it:D

I also have some great news for you guys!

You can now win the exact same trip (3 Days in HK + 2 Days in Macau)

All you have to do is FOLLOW PRIMA REISEN + on Facebook and comment under the post on Facebook who would you take with you on this awesome trip.

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