the memory of you…

The memory of you seems a bit blurry and dull
I remember sensations more than actualities
I remember warmth and think sometimes of how I crave it more than I crave you.

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life as a travel blogger

“OH WOW… that’s your job? That’s amazing.. You get paid for traveling and you’re your own boss.

I wish I had your life!”

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I miss talking to you…

“I miss talking to you

I’d miss talking to me too” :))

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my kind of romance

People keep asking me if I miss being in a relationship. I actually don’t. I don’t miss anything about my last relationship.Did I meet someone special after my breakup? Maybe!

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Hi,my name is Ana and I lost a bet and now I have to write 25 random things about me haha

So let’s get this ish done :)))
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timing and promises….

Imagine 2 people meet each other randomly,have a good time together and end up liking each other but the timing is just bad.
Is there such thing as perfect timing?Can we blame everything on it?
Do you think that everything happens for a reason?
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life as a newbie single

As you guys already know /or don’t know.. Kevin and I broke up… Bohoho.. …get over it already!

I know we’ve been together for 10 years and the last 6 years I showed you pieces of our daily lives but this chapter is forever closed now and life goes on. I don t want to get into it anymore. It s already been/ said/done all.

So, now that we’ve cleared things up I want to tell you about how I feel as a newbie in this blackhole aka dating world haha

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one week at Rapture Surf Camp / Bali

After an excruciating 17 hour flight, me and Lois finally reached the long awaited destination: BALI (Rapture Camp Padang Padang )
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Rosalpina Dolomites : bliss and beauty in the mountains

Hi lovelies,

I promised you a few weeks back an article about our stay at Hotel Rosalpina Dolomites and I finally managed to edit all the wonderful pictures and to show you how truly beautiful this place is.

Everything about Rosalpina is magic.

The location of the hotel itself is more than wonderful:nestled high-up on the slopes of the Plose in the South Tyrol, the views of the rocky peaks,the views of the forest and the views of the Dolomites are simply breath taking.

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when snow falls….

there’s nothing more serene as seeing the countryside covered in a sheet of snow

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