how many watches should be in your watch wardrobe?

Is it five watches or six watches, or a dozen or more? My answer?You can never have too many 😀

Your dressing not alone includes your clothes and shoes, but also the accessories that you carry with it enhance the whole look. Getting only one type of watch may not be a smart thought. A sports watch may not look good with formal dress or a formal watch may not fit your casual style.

Let’s just have a sneak peek on all the types of watches that you can wear for everyday and formal use…I found a site which has them all…and they even have a HUGE WINTER SALE :

Their prices start from sooper affordable to sooper exquisite and expensive….a wide range of accessories to suit everyone’s taste ❤


BRACELET WATCH: A bracelet watch is a new way of conveying your style when you don’t want to wear additional jewellery. Bracelet watches can be colourful or light hued both so you can choose the one that can work with all types of extravagant dresses. You don’t need to pick between a watch and a bracelet when you can have both of them together in just one piece.


SPORTS WATCHES: Sports watches look extraordinarily great when you wear it with the right type of attire and at the right moment. Sports watches these days are a life style induced with features like heart rate monitors, stop watches etc. It’s currently the need of every sporty person to have this watch so they can time their activities.


GLITTERY WATCHES:  The glitter and sparkle of such watches add extravagance to your wrist. These watches not only look good on elegant events but will also look lovely with your casual attires.


RIGHT TYPE OF DIAL: Choose a dial according to the size of your wrist that is neither too big nor too small. Watches with big dials will look good with casual style but small and elegant dials will give a decent and sophisticated touch to your overall personality.


TWO TONED WATCHED: Two tone watches are the new way to style your wrist. Something that can work for both formal and casual dressing, giving a light and updated style to your dressing. Always choose the colour tones that go with most of your clothes so you can wear one watch with many of your clothes.


Altough I own more than 15 watches…my wishlist in terms of jewelery and watches is still hugeeeee…somebody please stop me :))

What is your fav type of watch?:D





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