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carb cycling diet (DAY 2 & 3)


I promised you guys to write the rest of my carb-cycling diet-plan:HERE Here we go:

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carb cycling diet (DAY 1)

Hey,dears! If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you might know that I’ve tried the carb cycling diet for 2 weeks. I actually wanted to shred down a bit (not to lose weight) & after these 2 weeks I ended up losing 3 kg & my booty and legs got smaller…so I’m done with it. […]

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delts ‘n’ tri’s


Hey,sporties! Today I’m back on track with a new fitness post for your shoulders & arms. Most of the girls I see at the gym are just workin’ on their legs & booties , but… achieve a balanced physique with the right proportions,girls also have to work on their upper-bodies!!!:D

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my favorite breakfast : ham & glutes :D


Hey,dearies! I’m back on track with some new exercises for your legs & butt. These exercises will definitely make your booty look peach-licious

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let’s stretch!!!


Did you know that regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise? If you’re like me, you probably neglect this aspect of your fitness regime (GUILTY haha) even though stretching has major benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of stretching:

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give me 5


Good morning,kitties! Are you ready to try 5 new exercises ?

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5 steps to fat loss


  Hi girls ! Aren’t you sick of those sucky diets & starving yourself to death? This post is to help  my readers to get healthy & good looking by eating their meals without remorse(doing a lil bit of exercise)!:D When it comes to fat loss nutrition, there are only five important things you need […]

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Hey,sporties I just killed my booty today

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Hey,sporties! I know you were waiting for such kind of post for quite a long time….and now I finally had the time to shoot some pics,to show you kitties how to get some sexeeey abs haha

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HEY GALS! YEEEEY…we’ve made it! This is the last work-out post Can’t wait to hear some feed-back after you’ve tried errrr’thang out

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