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breakfast HOTSPOT:Café Oper Wien


There is nothing more fancy to begin a day in Vienna than with a traditional breakfast in a coffee-house like Café Oper Wien.

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healthy pizza recipe


I love pizza…I would even marry pizza if I could 😀 But unfortunately I have an  ON & OFF relationship with my fav cheat-meal cuz it’s not good for my abs. Lucky me….I’ve found the best HEALTHY alternative recipe,which is good for my abs but also for my soul haha

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protein pancakes


As you already know…breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the people love to eat pancakes for breakfast…even though that’s not a really healthy choice. So here I am…your savior…with a healthy alternative for pancakes….WHOOP WHOOP!

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carb cycling diet (DAY 2 & 3)


I promised you guys to write the rest of my carb-cycling diet-plan:HERE Here we go:

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cheat meal:bloomin’ onion bread


When it comes to getting fit, diet is public enemy No. 1. It’s the hardest part of fitness—especially in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, trudging on the treadmill before sunrise or squatting your body weight after a hard day of work can be rough, but not giving in to the urge to clean […]

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chia breakfast



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high-protein lunch/dinner


Hey,kitties! As promised,I’m gonna put a lot of new healthy & sooper-easy to make recipies on the blog. Today,I’ve prepared a yummy high-protein meal for you guys! Ready…steady … GO!!!

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THE SUMMER BODY PROJECT:tiny tea&banana bread


Good morning,lovelies! I got 2 lil surprises for you today! Are you excited? You should be!!! hihi

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5 steps to fat loss


  Hi girls ! Aren’t you sick of those sucky diets & starving yourself to death? This post is to help  my readers to get healthy & good looking by eating their meals without remorse(doing a lil bit of exercise)!:D When it comes to fat loss nutrition, there are only five important things you need […]

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protein muffins


Hi lovelies! Many of you guys wanted the recipe to my yummy protein muffins with peanut butter

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