when snow falls….

there’s nothing more serene as seeing the countryside covered in a sheet of snow

Hello cutie pies,

Long time “no see”.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately,that’s the reason why I’ve been more active on Instagram than on blog…it’s easier to post your snaps there,you write a caption and VOILÀ…. your post is online.

Sometimes I wish there were two of me and 48-hour days so I could get everything done.

I have so many thoughts inside of my mind,and I have so many stories to tell you…but there’s just too little time to share them with you on blog.

I’m thinking of a longer vacation,maybe to Bali…where we can catch up on everything.

Remember my project for 2017?#12months12places?

Well,I’ve made it!I’m gonna write everything about it soon..pinky promise.

2018 also started with a short trip to Italy.

Me and Tina from Goldenhourphotography have been to South Tyrol…a magical place called Brixen.(more about our trip soon online)

All I can tell you guys is that the Dolomites look like Winter Wonderland and Narnia altogether.

We took thousand of pics…(already shared a few on Instagram…have you seen them yet?)

Today,I wanted to share with u a purf look for a winter scenery.

Hope you’ll like it.

Remeber my seasonal ritual?

Everytime when a new season starts,I set up a new ESPRIT “SHOPPING LIST” for you guys.

Why change that now ? hihi

As you already know,I love Esprit because they have sooper affordable clothes and they have a wide range of clothes to suit everyone’s taste…and their WINTER SALE is out of this world 😀









C yah soon with a new post.



P.S.Thanks for the awesome pics,Tina!

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