protein muffins


Hi lovelies!

Many of you guys wanted the recipe to my yummy protein muffins with peanut butter

So today I got a day off and decided to bake some 😀

Let’s get this started:

IMG_1275 IMG_1277


85 g Oatmeal

4 scoops chocolate protein powder (I use Gold Standard Whey from Optimum Nutrition)

30 g cocoa powder

100 ml fat free milk

6-8 x dash of sweetener or 6 packages of splender

85 g sugar free apple sauce

1 tsp cottage cheese

2 egg whites

1 tsp baking powder


oil spray (I use coconut..but you can use what you find at the supermarket..cuz I know it’s really hard to find)

peanut butter (My Protein-smooth)


1)MIX all ingredients together in a bowl



2)Spray muffin pan with coconut oil


3)Using a laddle ,fill half of muffin  cup with mixture

4)Add a tsp of peanut butter or add a strawberry or cherry to the center

IMG_1288 IMG_1292

5)Top off with mixture to the top of the cup (I like them mini…that’s why I didn’t fill the whole cup)


6)Pre-heat oven to 180 °C and bake for 20 minutes



IMG_1309 IMG_1311




6 Comments on “protein muffins”

  1. Sorry for this off-topic comment but… where can I ask you some things? Thanks 🙂
    And now, about the protein muffins, they look delicious! I’ll definitely try this one of these days.

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