vamos a la playa : DAY 7


You roll down the window
And even before you see it
You smell that salty, ocean scent
You already know you’re there


IMG_3130 IMG_3124 IMG_3127IMG_3140

The sun on my face,
the sand in my toes,
makes any day a delight.

Hunting for seashells,
and surfing the waves,
makes everything seem alright.

Building a castle,
fit for a king,
makes all my dreams within reach.

Wearing my shades
and getting a tan,
makes a great day at the beach

IMG_3102 IMG_3104

It was hard to leave the sandy beach behind us … far as I’m concerned…I could spend my whole life on the beach :)))

I just need my own island and you won’t see me again haha

However,after enjoying an amazing day at the beach….we wanted to see one of Gaudi’s designed house:CASA BATLLO


Some people complain about the entry price (21 €) but you need to keep in mind that there’s no government help in mantaining the site, and, because it’s not a very big house, they can’t let lots of people in at the same time.

Battló is a colorful dream of Gaudì, and the visit goes through the whole building, unlike Casa Milá (where you can visit just a few floors and the roof). The audioguide (included in ticket price) is very helpful and makes us realize how much detail Gaudì put in the house. Spend as much time on the roof as you can. It’s very interesting, doesn’t have as many sculptures as Casa Milá but it’s more colorful, especially the dragon-like front part of the roof.

IMG_3186 IMG_3159Barcelona,_Casa_Batlló,_innen,_DachbodenIMG_3172 casa_batllo_1

If you want to see Casa Battló in no rush, better to save 2 to 3 hours for the house. Keep in mind that there’s lots of stair climbing from ground floor to the roof, and back. But you’ll be rewarded with the chance of seeing amazing architecture.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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