high all the time…to keep you off my mind


Don’t worry,chicas!

I’m not high at all haha…but I have a song on repeat for some days now.

It’s quite a catchy song..don’t you think?!:D

To my outfit:

It’s a typical romantic autumn-ish look.

Fluffy & chic.

I hope you’ll like it!!!!

IMG_7555 IMG_7584 IMG_7528 IMG_7554 IMG_7611IMG_7533 IMG_7538 IMG_7559 IMG_7563 IMG_7603 IMG_7625 IMG_7570 IMG_7591


Primark Hat

Primark Sweater

Calzedonia Leggings

Buffalo Ankle-Boots:HERE

I can’t believe my eyes…the sun is shining!!!

It seems like my prayers have been heard haha

Wish you all a sunny sunday



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