black courage

Happy wednesday,everyone!

I’m so happy that the weather has cooled down a bit so that I can finally wear my new Quantum Courage sweater.

I’m not really sad that the summer is slowly reaching its end…I’m sooper excited for this FALL.

I love sweater-weather!:D

Speaking of SWEATERS:I proudly present you my new crush….I think I’m gonna wear it DAY’IN’DAY’OUT this autumn.hihi

It’s very cozy and you can immediately tell  as soon as you touch it that its quality is the best.

Hope you’ll like the combo….as you can see ,I FELT A LIL BIT gangsterish today haha

IMG_3015IMG_2940 IMG_2893 IMG_2899 IMG_2900 IMG_2931 IMG_2954 IMG_3012 IMG_3032 IMG_2999IMG_2990 IMG_2982 IMG_2968


Quantum Courage Sweater:HERE

Adidas Cap:HERE

Bershka Shorts

Nike by Ricardo Tisci Boots

Primark Backpack

Aldo Sunglasses

Fillipo Loreti Watch

Are you also excited for autumn’s arrival?




5 Comments on “black courage”

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  2. I like your outfit, but for me, not for you, i wouldn’t wear socks with those boots ( but it’s for my personal style, on you looks great ) 🙂

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