fancy brunch and the city

Are you a brunch lover?

If your answer is “YES”….NASCHA’S is the place to be!:D

There is a recently renovated european style restaurant situated in downtown Vienna, where my friends and I have been having brunch lately.

Every time we get to Nascha’s, my friends and I go mad for their cocktails and their  brunch menu.

When there’s a special ocassion….we go to Nascha’s.

Today,I celebrated a Late-Christmas prezzies exchange with one of my best friends and we went for brunch at Nascha’s.

Damn…I’m getting hungry again just looking at this pic haha


Seriously….If you’re looking for a nice breakfast/brunch spot in Vienna try Nascha’s .They offer more than 1000 variations of breakfast/brunch….just the way you like it!:D10636570_523663307815122_2164255808695217137_o

Afterwards we decided to take a few snaps for the blog.

It’s quite hard to take pictures in the first district without millions of people photo-bombing the background haha

But my friend did a great job…don’t you think?hihi

IMG_7019 IMG_7032 IMG_6992 IMG_6997IMG_7050 IMG_7014 IMG_7143 IMG_7037 IMG_7148 IMG_7165 IMG_7170 IMG_7177IMG_7007


Pink Sweater:HERE

Boyfriend Blouse:HERE

Zara Pants:HERE

Zara Shoes

Zara Clutch



12 Comments on “fancy brunch and the city”

  1. Hello Ana! Arati demential!!! Ce spui de un articol despre ce exercitii faci pentru lower back, abs&obliques, hammies, ass?
    You’re my fitspiration ❤

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