Tiny Tea Review


My 28 Tiny Tea Days Journey is almost over (2 days left) and I’m ready to tell you guys everything about it.

Tiny Tea from Your Tea definitely does its job.The Tea will reduce bloating,detoxify your body and it is also proven to help the fat burning processes of you body,encourage your metabolism and of course the taste is a perfect substitute for sugary things.

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flower power


Spring is hands down my favorite season!!!

After winter’s pitch-black darkness we can finally see the sun.There’s something magical about the first blooms of spring.

The birds start chirping early in the morning…..they make you wishtle full of joy
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gladiator in a dress


I’m currently watching “Scandal” and I loved one of their quotes:”We’re gladiators in a suit”

This quote made me think about my fitness journey.

I get a lot of compliments about my workout habits but I also got to read a few concerns from women who didn’t start their fitness journey yet but already have the wrong impression of it.

This “weight lifting makes women big and bulky” myth is driving me crazy.

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