“The nice thing about fashion is that if you hold on to something long enough it comes back in style”IMG_5852

The 70s were the time when Beatles and the hippie look loomed large on the youth. Ever since, the ‘hippie” look has largely been classified as the retro style. But fashion trends are like the wheels of time. What goes by always comes back. And so has the hippie look.
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happy birthday,Ana’s Fashionality!!!


Good,good morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG!:D

Yeah…it’s been 2 years since I took my courage in both hands and started this blog.

Time flies by sooo fast…I’ve reached so many things due to my blog.

I’m thankful to my boyfriend,who encouraged me from the start & I’m also thankful for you,my readers all over the world.

Thanks for keeping up to my nonsense hihi

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