Prague (DAY 3)


On the third day of our trip we woke up to this view:
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carb cycling diet (DAY 2 & 3)


I promised you guys to write the rest of my carb-cycling diet-plan:HERE

Here we go:
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weekend break at the pool


After working 4 days in a row…the perfect compensation is doing something positive for your body and soul.It will help turn your mood around.

When you smile, your body relaxes.
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Prague (DAY 2)


The second day in Prague was a very special day for me because it was MY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

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Prague (DAY 1)


We’re back home from my birthday trip to ┬ámagical Prague….also knows as the Golden City.

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carb cycling diet (DAY 1)



If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you might know that I’ve tried the carb cycling diet for 2 weeks.

I actually wanted to shred down a bit (not to lose weight) & after these 2 weeks I ended up┬álosing 3 kg & my booty and legs got smaller…so I’m done with it.

But many of you gals want to lose some weight in a healthy way…and this diet will work for sure :D
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Hey,hot babes!

I just bought myself a rad oversized T-Shirt for work (cuz our dress-code is “#allblackeverything) but I couldn’t resist to mix it in my own way for a rad afternoon on Vienna’s streets.

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beat it!


Whatcha guys doing?

How are you facing these sooper hot temperatures?

I’m enjoying my day off while I’m listening to one of my fav songs

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summer vibes


Summer vibes are good vibes and this song makes me swing my hips!

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these boots are made for walkin’


Good morning,lovelies!

I hope you’re having a great monday morning…..well,I’m having one (please don’t hate me haha)

I’m sooper happy about my latest shoe-haul:these brown beauties!

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